What to Expect

When are your worship services?

Sundays: Christian Education: 10:00 AM and the main Worship Service: 11:00 AM

What should I wear?
We hope you’ll wear whatever makes you comfortable. You’ll find plenty of people dressed casually (jeans, polo shirts) and others dressed a little snazzier (slacks, dresses, skirts). Just come as you are.

What is a Worship Service like?
The liturgy of Albuquerque Reformed church service is traditional in nature Songs from the Psalter and the Trinity Hymnal are sung.

Elements of the worship service include the recitation of the Apostle’s Creed and the Lord’s prayer which have been a part of worship services in Protestant churches for centuries. Only in recent years have they been excluded. Albuquerque Reformed has brought them back into our worship service.

When is Communion celebrated?
Communion is celebrated every Sunday during the 11:00 AM Worship service.

“The Lord’s Supper is a confirmation of our faith, a most sure proof of our union and communion with Christ, who feeds us with his body and blood unto everlasting life, as truly as we receive these signs from the hands of the minister.” – Zacharias Ursinus

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