The Gospel


The gospel is about what God has done for mankind in Jesus Christ. God created man to glorify and to enjoy Him, but man turned away from God to glorify and to fulfill his own desires. The Bible calls this sin. Sin separates mankind from God and makes mankind the object of God’s justice and wrath. However, God did not abandon mankind; rather, He sent His only Son, Jesus, as a substitute to bear God’s justice and wrath in the place of sinful mankind. The gospel then is the good news that mankind may be forgiven, cleansed, and justified, not by his own efforts but through faith in Jesus Christ. All people are called, therefore, to trust in, rest upon, and hope in salvation from the justice and wrath of God that comes only through the Person and work of Jesus, God’s only Son. Additionally, by His Holy Spirit, God works in believers’ lives to make them wholly willing and able to serve Him and to do so with joy.

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